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Eco-friendly Service Station and Camp Site

At Taleni Africa Tourism Holdings we pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly company. We take utmost care to conserve all nature around us at all of our new and existing establishments.

The Sossus Oasis Fuel & Service Station and the Sossus Oasis Camp Site has been established in the extremely eco fragile Namib Desert area at Sesriem/Sossusvlei. A fuel station is not easily classified to be 'green', but we are proud to say that Sossus Oasis is green!

In order to save on energy the buildings are positioned in such a way that heat intrusion is minimised and natural lighting maximised. Some walls and roofs of the buildings are back filled with excavated ground to act as a natural heat barrier. Other walls are cladded with natural stone found locally which also act as a heat barrier.

While the structure is powered by Nampower with a commercial generator for back-up, it has a solar system that feeds energy into the power line. Solar energy produces about 25% of our electricity requirements. The solar plant measures the CO2 omission and saves about 1,000 tons of CO2 per month. All electrical equipment used at Sossus Oasis is specified to be of low energy consumption.

At the Sossus Oasis Camp Site, we installed solar water heaters for each camping site. A grey water system has also been implemented and the recycled water is used for the existing lawns and the garden at the entrance.

Solar Energy at Sossus Oasis
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